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Stand Up Paddle Boards

We now offer a full line of standup paddle boarding. We carry boards from Watersedge, Bic, Ocean Kayak, Wet Life, Riviera, and Red Paddle. SUP today has opened up an entire new way to be on the water.

Boards are designed for easy flat water paddling, fishing and surfing. Tired of going to the gym, SUP can be relaxing but it can also be a great way to get a work out.

We offer lessons, tours and rentals. Come out and find out how much fun "walking on water" can be. Let our instructor get you started.

Stand up paddle surfing is a relatively new watersport craze that has recently taken off in popularity, even though it has been around for ages. Stand up paddlesurf boards are basically over-sized surfboards or longboards.

Generally, they are 10 feet long and above. Some are much longer. Essentially the larger the board, the more stable it is to stand on it. The only other piece of equipment that a rider needs is a paddle. A rider stands up straight on a paddlesurf board, and uses the paddle to propel them steadily across the water's surface.

Take a Meeting in Our "Boardroom"

We have one of the largest selections of Standup Paddleboards and accessories in Southwest Florida!

"The Boardroom" is what we call the showroom in our store that is dedicated to SUPs, paddles, and accessories.We carry brands such as One World, Rogue, Bic, Imagine, Ocean Kayak, and more! We also carry used boards and paddles.

If you are totally new to the paddleboarding and not sure about how to get started, or feel that you want to try it out before you buy, keep in mind that we also rent paddleboards and offer instruction to help you get started.

Most people are surprised to learn that standup Paddleboarding is much easier than it looks.

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SUP Technique

When stand up paddleboarding, stand shoulder width apart in the middle of the SUP. Position yourself so that you are squared up with the board facing forwards and position your "Toes to the nose".

To make a pivot turn, step back on the board with one foot as shown below. As the nose of the board begins to rise, Make a long sweeping stroke with the paddle, pivoting the paddleboard on it's tail end.

Need help? We have all the tips and tricks to make you a pro at Silent Sports Outfitters.

Some of the many brands of SUPs, paddles, and accessories we carry!