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We area full-service kayak shop and keep at least 250 boats in stock at all times. Our inventory includes a full range kayak models and price levels to suit every type of paddler from the beginner to the seasoned pro. We also usually have some used kayaks on hand for those who are more budget conscious.

Below is a quick breakdown of the more common types of kayaks. Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions or need help in picking out the best kayak and paddling gear for you or your family!


Sit-On-Top (SOT) Kayaks

Often referred to as the SUV of kayaks, sit-on-tops are by far the most popular kayak locally owing to their versatility and stability. They are very easy to get in and out of and the sleeker models offer performance on par with traditional sit-insides (see below). Not only are they great for calm waters, but they are fun at the beach and many models actually surf (sitting down) very well! They are also great for both day paddling and overnight camping. Because they can carry a lot of gear and are the boat of choice for kayak fishing. Sit-on-top kayaks come in both single and tandem models

Sit-Inside (Recreational) Kayaks

Sit-inside kayaks covers a broad range of boat styles from still water recreational kayaks to the sleek, speedy sea kayaks described below. A recreation sit-inside generally refers to a kayak with a large cockpit that is easier to get in and out of than a sea kayak. They generally are more comfort oriented, but not made for rougher waters since any water entering into the cockpit has to be pumped (or dumped) out. Not nearly as versatile as the Sit-on-top kayak, they are great for quiet paddles on calmer waters.

Fishing Kayaks

Kayak fishing is a huge sport locally and it is no wonder with the great fishing and secluded waters in the area. One mistake many people make when shopping for a fishing kayak is only considering boats that have lots of built in rod holders and are branded as fishing kayaks. The reality is that any kayak can be a fishing kayak and a stripped down model can be customized to your particular fishing style. Because we carry a large inventory of kayak fishing accessories and factory fishing boats, we can help you find that perfect fishing kayak no matter how you want to go about it.

Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks could be considered the Ferraris of the kayak world. They are sleek, fast, and geared for performance. An important aspect to faster kayaks is that they also offer great range and are therefore the ideal choice for extended trips that cover great distances. Most all have impressive storage and can carry all the supplies you would need for a great kayaking adventure. If you are considering a sea kayak, we highly recommend taking a self rescue course to help you be more confident and safe when you are out on the water, but most people find the self rescue training some of the most fun aspects of sea kayaking. If you are looking to take paddling to the next level, a sea kayak will open a paddling world to you that is limited only by your sense of adventure.

Kayak Accessories

No matter what kind of paddling interests you, we have everything you need including dry bags, safety gear, kayak seats, fishing rod mounts, car racks,beach carts, paddle leashes, phone cases, GPS and fish finder mounting kits, and all that little replacement kayak hardware that is so hard to find.

Kayaking 101

What you need to get started:

We can help you find the right balance between intended use, personal preference, and budget. While carbon fiber paddles can be extremely expensive, very good paddles with high quality plastic blades and shafts of fiberglass or aluminum can offer great performance at much lower price.

PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
You must have a PFD with you to paddle Florida's waterways. A decent quality PFD designed specifically for kayaking can actually be very cool and comfortable (even in Florida's heat) and could prove to be the best investment you've ever made.


A very inexpensive piece of safety gear that could save your life. Legally you must have with one with you to paddle Florida's waterways.

Suggested Accessories:

Dry Bag
Because of condensation, there is no such thing as "dry storage" in a kayak. An inexpensive dry bag is an absolute necessity for valuables that can't handle moisture.

Even if you aren't venturing out at night, it is a good idea to at least carry a small flashlight with you in case of fog or inclement weather. It is not so much to help you see as it is to help you be seen by passing boats.

Waterproof cell phone case
Not only are smartphones handy in case you have a problem out on the water, but with a waterproof case you can use the GPS functions without having to worry about getting your phone wet.



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